Implementing Fiat Payments for Existing Manifold contracts is costly

We have an NFT marketplace and we’re currently integrating with Paper to enable fiat payment support for our customers. We currently have +100 1 of 1 ERC721 NFTs minted using Manifold, currently listed on the marketplace.

We want to enable our visitors to the marketplace to use fiat via Paper to pay for their purchases. In order to do this, we need to make Paper an admin for these existing +100 NFT contracts. Unfortunately, we don’t have a proxy contract within our Smart Contract architecture where we can make this single admin permission update, and then make it automatically propagate to the all the +100 NFTs.

The only solution we can think of is to deploy an extension to update the admin for each NFT. Deploying this simple change to each contract will be very costly, around 0.05ETH in gas, due to the size of the extension.

We have checked with other fiat payment providers like Crossmint and they require similar updates to the existing contracts.

Can you think of any other solution that does require the deployment of an admin update extension for every already minted contract?