Import existing Opensea contract to Manifold and burn artwork


Last year I created a photography NFT collection that had over 3000 secondary sales.
I would like to import the entire collection into manifold to allow my collectors to burn their NFTs for new artwork.

Is it possible to do it?Here you can see a link to the contract on Etherscan.

gm! Thanks for asking - This is possible with our contract but would require some development work. Would love to hear more…

  • Will collectors be redeeming for the same artwork just on your Manifold Contract?
  • How many pieces are you looking to burn?
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First of all going forward I want to do everything using Manifold.

I don’t think it will be possible to add new work to WTB (the existing collection) or so I was told by the dev that made the contract. Because of this my idea would be to have people burning pieces from WTB to get new images from a new collection. Let’s call it “Marco Grassi Editions”.

WTB has 88 different tokens with a total of 8888 editions and I would like people to burn any of the 8888 pieces to be able to claim new tokens for “Marco Grassi Editions”.

Regarding your questions:

I was thinking to give collectors new artworks
Regarding how many pieces it will depend on the collectors. As many as possible I guess!

Hey there,

Find my answer above. Just noticed I didn’t hit reply :slight_smile:

Got it - It’s possible to do but you would need to code your own custom extension. At the moment, we don’t have an app or a tool that would just do this kind of burn redeem.

Got it lyndo, thanks for clarifying.

Another question, if I create a collection and I have two tokens example token 1 and 2 can I tell people to burn 2 tokens but one from token one and the other one from token two. To claim a new piece?

Just in case it is not possible is there a way to hire a dev to do it but still using my manifold contract?
Do you have devs I could hire?