Important Royalty Question to help artists

I’m working with some well known artists and we have a question regarding contracts and royalties

Is there any reason that instead of the soon to be depreciated opensea solution ex:

Your contract currently does not allow sales on zero fee marketplaces. Disable to revert.

could you reverse it and list ONLY the marketplaces you DID want to sell on. So can you make a contract where you could only will sell on rarible for example, and then later add opensea or someone else etc… THANKS

anyone? this is really important to know if it’s possible

Hey! Appreciate the question - unfortunately we don’t have any plans to support an allowlist model for marketplace sales. This would also disable personal transfers that are not marketplace sales, and lead to further centralization of assets.

Hi Viren and thanks for the info
Wasn’t asking for it to be instituted,… YET :wink:
Just wanted to know what is possible
You make some important points here, thanks