Importing Contracts to Makersplace

I minted 37 NFTs a few days ago, creating the contract The collection shows up as verified on Manifold, and can be seen at OpenSea and the others. The collection was created as several separate batch mints with my wallet, 0xaDB2712b830a4FEE42E27b6dA01ec370c0E0Ac1A, which is also the wallet connected to my Makersplace account. I have imported Manifold-created contracts/collections to Makersplace before, and have never experienced a problem. Yesterday, when I tried to import the collection there, everything went fine until I entered the contract number and hit import. My wallet was connected to Makersplace, but I received a message saying that MP needed to verify I owned the contract, to open my wallet and sign. My wallet was unlocked to MP and I never received a signature call for the wallet. And of course the collection was never imported.

Don’t know if this is significant, but - The collection shows up as verified in my Manifold account and the tokens are visible everywhere they should be, but in the Activities listings, none of the mints are shown.

Has anyone else experienced any similar problem?