Inaccurate metadata in Studio when listing on Gallery


I listed some editions with the Gallery app, that were minted with the Claims Page app.

I found that the details in the “Review & List” page in Studio did not correspond to the most recent metadata available for the edition. (I updated the title months ago via the Claims Page app.)

Gallery page for reference: Glitch Study #1.2: Don’t Panic - typo.eth | Manifold

gm! To clarify - Did you update the Claims field or the Token field in the claim? This might be the cuase of confusion, there are two separate entries here

gm lyndo,

I previously updated the Artwork Title in the Claims app. It looks correct there (screenshot attached).

Months later (yesterday), I went to list the edition and the Artwork Title is incorrect on the “Review & List” page (screenshot in previous post).

I figured it was a Studio caching bug or similar, so listed anyway, and the artwork title is correct on the listing page.

hey typo,

i was able to reproduce your issue. the on-chain data for the token (as well as the actual listing page) should be correct, so it seems mainly a display issue. in future cases, you can trigger a re-ingestion of the metadata through the “refresh metadata” option on the gallery listing page under the three dots post-list.

hope this helps!