Incorrect Display Orientation of My ERC-1155 Open Claim NFT on OpenSea

Incorrect Display Orientation of My ERC-1155 Open Claim NFT on OpenSea

The problem I am experiencing is that my ERC-1155 Open Claim NFT appears sideways only on the OpenSea platform. It is important to note that this is the first time I have used this platform to create an Open Claim NFT.

After the first piece was minted on OpenSea, I noticed that it was displaying sideways. I tried to fix it by reaching out to my collector and asking them to refresh the metadata and wait for some time, but unfortunately, that did not solve the problem. I then verified on other platforms like Etherscan, Arweave, Rarible, LooksRare, and x2y2, and found that the image was displayed correctly.

I attempted to communicate with OpenSea about the issue, but their response was that the problem was on my end, with my application or device. However, I then airdropped the NFT to two different wallets and attempted to refresh the metadata on various devices, but the issue persisted.

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem or knows of a solution to fix the incorrect display orientation of my NFT on OpenSea.

I’m experiencing something similar, except that mine are ERC-721’s that were minted over a year ago. I noticed about two weeks ago many of my vertical images started to display horizontally but only on OpenSea, which is super frustrating. I’ve tweeted at them a few times with no luck.

Wondering if this is a temporary thing or if they made internal changes that are not synced properly with Manifold? Hoping to find an answer to this soon.

Can you provide a link to your token? It sounds like there is an issue with Opensea ingesting the token if it’s displaying correctly with the metadata and on Arwewave.

I Finally found a solution. After I did this post I went again checking all the different options and the only solution I haven’t tried was uploading the picture again and updating the image on arwave. I went on my dashboard did that and seems to be solved for now