Integration of token URI extension with Manifold UI

Hi there, I have created an extension to allow changing the URI of a token when the token is transferred from one wallet to another. This is my first time developing a Manifold extension so I have a couple of questions:

  • from the looks of it, in order for the token URI functionality to work, the extension needs to request the minting of the token by calling mintExtension - there is no way for tokens minted directly in the main creator contract to have their token URI overridden by the extension, does that sound right or am I missing something?
  • currently I have exposed a simple mint() function in the extension to mint tokens. I suppose there is no integration between my custom function and Manifold and if I were to launch my contract I would have to provide a custom landing page for my users to mint, does that sound right?

Here you can find my extension:

Appreciate your responses! Thanks!