Intermittent Service Response Times for Claim Pages/Manifold Studio

Gm! Over the last few hours we’ve noticed some issues with intermittent response times with Manifold Studio and Claim Pages. We’re actively working on a solution to solve this.

We apologize for the inconvenience, please stay tuned to this thread for an update.


Thank you for looking into it! :saluting_face:

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Mine is fixed! Thank you! EYES OPEN

Thank you for informing

I’ve been having an issue with a new contract I deployed last night with an airdrop. the Assets are showing on rarible and looks rare, but they only show on opensea if the owners claim a second asset. Has anyone noticed anything like that? I’m also not seeing the NFT on etherscan but I can see all of the transctions, when I click show NFT the area with the art just says NFT.

How do I fix this???


Same issue here atm when trying to deploy to Goerli via my Trezor

Still having a bit of trouble with mine and unable to mint via claim page after 2 days of previous minting, any updates?