Internal JSON-RPC error when trying to burn redeem

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  • A summary of the issue
    Trying to burn redeem within my own collection, getting Internal JSON-RPB error when trying to burn anything.
    Curate Page
  • What is the expected outcome?
    a 1:1 burn of a Blep NFT to any of the NFTs I choose
  • What is the actual outcome?
    JSON-RPB error
  • Steps to reproduce this error

Select Token, Choose Blep (the NFT to burn), Checkout, Confirm, then it sends me back to the token burn page and shows a red x error

  • A screenshot of the issue/error

Hi Chris!

Sorry for the issue you are having. Curious which wallet provider are you using? Is it metamask or wallet connect? This error usually indicate something is wrong with the wallet provider. Could you try updating and restarting metamask/wallet-connect and see if it resolves the issue? If not also try a computer restart this sometime resolve the issue as well

Hi there. I’m using Metamask and have attempted on both Chrome and Firefox. Have disconnected the wallet from Manifold and restarted the computer, still have the issue.

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March 22, 2024

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hmm, do you mind sharing your wallet address that you are using for the burn please?

It’s all being done under the same wallet

I was able to burn for a few the other day, but can’t now

I do see you don’t have that much ether in your wallet. Gas has been spiking 100x in the past days on Base network so I am guessing the error might be due to insufficient eth for gas fee

Oh gosh, that’s totally it. Wasn’t paying attention and thought there was enough
Thank you for the time and help on this