Introducing Manifold Notifications

Never miss a drop again.

As a collector you can now add your email to subscribe to all updates from your favorite creators.

To do so simply go to a creator’s claim page, connect your wallet, add your email and done!

Right now you’ll get updates for all claims created by the artists you subscribe to as well as reminders of when claims start and when they are about to end.

Notifications for Burn-Redeem campaigns will also available to subscribers shortly. You can manage your subscriptions on our website:

As a creator there is nothing you have to do to enable this feature. When creating a claim you’ll also have the option to send a notification to all your subscribers or not, letting you manage how you want to announce your drop.

We’re also iterating on ways in which you can visualize and engage with the collectors who have subscribed - whether that’s creating special drops for them or other possible mechanics you can leverage with subscriptions!

We’re always trying to improve how creators can better engage with their audiences, and would love to hear more about what you all are looking for!


This is such a fantastic feature thank you! I wonder if there is a way as creators to see our collectors emails much like we do with their wallet addresses or at least have a way to send messages through Manifold to all of our collectors about upcoming drops etc!


Something we are def looking into and are planning to add to Studio!


love this feature. is it me or are the verification emails not being sent currently?


Great feature, thanks. Is there a way for creators to find the list of their subscribers? Thanks again.

Hi! 1st let me thank you for this feature!

quick question, is there a direct link to subscribe without having to go through a claim page?

Regarding the database of subscribers emails, it would be great to at least see how many you have, and even thou it would be great to have access to the emails, i think it’s a positive point for subscribers to know they will not be spammed if they subscribe, so for this reason, i think it should be kept that way, or give the option to subscribers to hide their emails…

Another feature that would be great, would be to be able to require to be followed on twitter to be able to mint… or even have the option to require to subscribe… all optional of course.

Lastly, any eta for subscriptions for the token minting? and is there a plan to offer subs for Galleries?

Thank you!