Introducing the New Manifold Studio!

We envision a future where ANYONE can create onchain. With this update, we’re prioritizing content-first creation over contract-first and simplifying the process of publishing your work onchain.

Here’s what’s new when you visit Manifold Studio:

  • An updated look and vibe
  • A shift from apps to streamlined creation flows
  • Your creations are now conveniently located on your Home screen
  • The ability to create entirely on Testnet with Workspaces

Furthermore, we’ve launched a new Help Center to assist you whenever you need it. If you need additional support and need to reach us you can still contact us on our community forums.

Access our Help Center here:

To mark this occasion, we’re launching an Open Edition on @base: The Manifold Studio Creator Key, crafted using the updated Manifold Studio with Artwork provided by @Ness_Graphics

This update has been months in the making and will enable us to develop novel onchain experiences. We’re excited to see what you create!

  • The Manifold Team マ

Check out the new Manifold Studio :point_right:


It looks like the message shown when entering the email is misleading at best: “An email address is necessary to secure this account.”

Would like to see that updated, as my wallet controls the account not the frontend, so an email address would not provide additional security.

Hi, any chance you could help/clarify.
I had a sale today. But in the revamped manifold studio I cannot find the used contract in the contract list. The funds for the bid (now finished auction) sit in the manifold wallet. But I haven’t received them yet. I cannot fine a settle option on the new site. Can you help?
Basically, has that got something to do with the migration?