Invalid Transaction - Error in Txn: Contract Creation Code Storage Out of Gas - Contract Deploy Pending

Hello! I have the same problem, how can I solve it? I also encountered difficulties during the test connection

Hi! Could you tell me the error that are showing on the screen, and are you deploying the contract on a testnet?

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hi, they already helped me with this, there was a problem with passing verification, the sites thought that I was a robot, and others did not see enough ethers on my account

I just transferred sepolia and managed to pass the test, and then the main deployment

but my couple of friends have the same problem. It’s not possible to get sepolia to pass the test and further deployment

I can send you some sepolia eth for testing, what is the wallet address you want me to send to?

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hi, sorry for the wait. a couple of friends were able to solve this puzzle, but some were not

I’ll drop off your wallets now

thanks for helping

How can I return them to you later?