Is Gallery the closest we have to embedding Manifold NFTs?

Just doing my due diligence and reaching out to see if there’s really no way of easily embedding tokens minted with Manifold on arbitrary/third party pages.

Scenario: I create some tokens on my Manifold contract. I have an existing Ghost/WordPress/SquareSpace/Wix website for my content. I can set up a new page or post to share my freshly created tokens, but outside of posting a link to them that take you to the Manifold site directly, there’s not an obvious way to embed a mint button or other method of interacting with the NFT.

The Gallery app kinda sorta gets you there by being able to attach it to a custom subdomain but it’s still completely standalone from anything preexisting and not integrated in a meaningful way. Is this just a case of me not thoroughly investigating all the apps available to me or can we actually not generate some snippets automatically for our Manifold tokens? Here’s some examples from Mintplex, for reference. I’m feeling baffled that this doesn’t appear to be an option for my Manifold contracts.

I read through the docs section as well, no dice.

Depends on what you’re looking to do. For our Gallery widgets you can build customized sites similar to:

As far as a ‘Mint’ button for Claim Pages etc, this isn’t supported atm.