Is it possible to burn and redeem an open mint (oe)

I’m planning to have an open edition claim page running for four days. I would also like to have two burn and redeem pages open for the last two days. Where you can burn the OE for new works.

So someone could mint the OE and then straight away burn for a new artwork.

Is this possible? Are there any limitations with this plan?

Yes you can run both an OE and a burn at the exact same time with one feeding right into the other, no limitations with the plan and many creators have done this exact same setup.

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hey - i’ve got two questions:

  1. does burning work for OE ERC721 tokens?
  2. is it possible to get token numbers on the name of the NFTs for ERC 721 Open Edition?
  1. is possible
  2. is not
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ah i see. thank you for your response!