Is it possible to change the payment token on a live claim?

I want to change the payment token to $pepe on a live claim page (currently set to eth).

Is this possible? If it isn’t, I would suggest flagging that it can’t be changed once live. I’m currently getting a ‘Cannot change payment token’ error.


Thanks - Can you send us a link to your claim as well as a screenshot of the error?

And the claim page in question:

Thanks, can you screenshot the whole page please, including where you selected the PEPE currency? Also, what network are you on?

Hey, sorry for the delay here. Once a currency is chosen, it cannot be changed. You will need to make a new claim page unfortunately.

Thank you, that’s what I thought. I would make the suggestion to add a ‘This cannot be changed later’ label next to the options.

Great suggestion! Will do that