Is it possible to customise a burn?

Hello, I’m part of Giovanni Motta’s team and I would like to know one thing.
We are thinking of doing a multiple burn of 3 different tokens in order to have 1 token (1/1). The idea is to burn about 2000 tokens in total (about $15,000 + gas fees). Can Manifold support us in this by allowing this kind of customisation? I hope it could be possible, it would be very interesting.

We are launching this capability soon, when is your anticipated launch date and do you have a link to the tokens?

Thanks for your fast reply. The launch date depends on Manifold, but we would like to do it soon.
We did an open edition and 2 burning events, here the links:
Open edition > Wonder Machine
1^ Burn > Wonder Angel
2^ Burn > Wonder Mind. unfortunately I cannot put a third link. 2x Wonder Machine to redeem 1x Wonder Mind.
We would like to do a burn like that (for example): 2000 wonder machine + 300 wonder angel + 200 wonder mind = wonder … (1/1 by Giovanni Motta).
Please let me know if you can do anything for us.

hey, can you please let me know something? thank you very much :pray:

Hi. We are still looking into what’s doable in the near term. This feature is on our roadmap but looking to see if we can get something done sooner.

Hi! thanks for your reply.
Our project involves four steps. We have reached the third step and only the last step remains.
Step 4 involves burning 3 tokens in different quantities to get a 1/1 NFT.
We would like to do this last step as soon as possible. Could you give us this possibility? We would like to create a custom burn using our project as a test (collaboration between Manifold and Giovanni Motta).
What do you think? Thank you for your attention

Will be reaching out to you with details via email.

Ok perfect, waiting for your email.