Is it possible to delete or transfer a contract?

Hi, I’d like to ‘throw away the keys’ to my NFT collection. Leaving it up for posterity but not allowing myself a back door in. Kind of like a time capsule.

Is there a way to remove my access to the SC? Delete it? Transfer to a new wallet and throw away the key?

Any suggestions for other ideas?

Thank you

Yes, you can use the renounceOwnership function on the smart contract.

Hey Wilkins!

Where exactly can we find the renounceOwnership function for a smart contract?

And if we do such a thing, will it just means no one can alter the contract, right? It won’t delete it or the nfts, correct?

Thanks for you help!

Hey! You can find it on Etherscan. Here’s an example link on Goerli.

Calling renounceOwnership (function 11 on Etherscan) will do exactly what you said - no one will be able to alter it but all the current state is preserved.


I had the same question. Will the contract disapear from my Foundation page?
I minted the contract on Mainnet but want to mint tokens on Base so I have to “delete” the ETH contract and deploy it again on Base, right?

You can simply deploy a new separate contract on base. If you didn’t mint the token yet it shouldn’t have any impact.

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and the ETH contract will disapear from Foundation?

If it’s showing right now you may need to message them for removal.