Is it possible to share the price for 2 participants

Is it possible to add a wallet address to a smart contract so that when selling, a certain percentage specified by me goes to the specified wallet?

You can use 0xsplits to create a recipient address that splits the proceeds.

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Thank you for responding, could you write in more detail where this tool is located, I do not want to implement errors, understand that I am a beginner, you would be very helpful. Good luck.

gm! You’ll find a little more information in our FAQ. A link to 0xSplits:

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I too am wanting to share the proceeds, i have a collaboration coming up.
I’d like to NOT have to create a new contract just for this collaboration since the new piece is part of a main collection/contract i’d like to keep it on that contract but the individual piece/nft be split, i need to eliminate having to continuously be making payments to the collaborator… i want ti to happen in contract
so far creating a new contract seems to be the only solution i can find that allows the split
Am I missing something?
thank you for your help

Proceeds on primary or secondary? For primary, this is upto the marketplace you’re looking to sell the token with. For secondaries, you can set on-chain royalties for tokens by clicking on the 3 dots. Please keep in mind that secondary sales royalties are now optional on some platforms.

thank you
i am planning on creating a claim OE page
and would like for the proceeds to be split in contract
I am guessing that i need to set up a new contract for that so i can split the proceeds, i am aware of the royalty aspect.

I was hoping to NOT HAVE TO create a new contract because the collaboration is part of an existing collection but as you mention that is not possible

so alas, i guess what is is…