Is Manifold down at the moment

I am struggling to do anything at the moment both on Goerelli and Mainnet. Struggling to get into my contract and when I do I cant upload a basic jpeg I want to mint?

Anyone else experiencing issues at the moment?


I’m having issues too, want to batch mint and can’t upload image file to ARWEAVE

Thanks for replying. So maybe not just me then

When I can sign in uploading images is not working either. Using the standard Add Token page

Both Goerelli and Mainnet

Same here Can’t create a Claim Page… cannot even upload the graphic it says “Failed to fetch”

Yup, I’m having troubles too. I keep getting a prompt that something went wrong and to refresh with a monkey emoji…I hope Manifold resolves this issue soon! :speak_no_evil: :expressionless:

*Update: now I can’t even get into my contracts!

Same, can’t publish a claim page,
it says:

Something went wrong

Unexpected Error

and also:

Something went wrong

Sorry, the devs messed up. We couldn’t load the preview.

Yes, there’s an issue with our asset uploading service. Sorry for the inconvenience, we’re looking into it now.

(This doesn’t affect any tokens you’ve minted or any on-chain data.)

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’ve resolved this issue and Studio is back up and running.