Is "Pay with Card" Option Down?

Is the Crossmint-powered “Pay with Card” option down, or has been changed/discontinued? The payment workflow previously said “Pay with ETH” or “Pay with Card”… I’m only seeing crypto wallet options at the moment:

Hey Mike! We’re taking a look for you.

Hey Mike! Looks like you may not have registered your contract within Crossmint? Crossmint is saying the collection is unverified right now.

Here’s a video that may help: Enable Credit Card Payment for your Claim Pages! - YouTube

Also here’s the docs from Crossmint if you prefer something written: Manifold contracts

No, had previously registered contract, and all was verified, and up and running… I had blogged last month here with screenshots. Logged in to Crossmint moments ago and all was showing verified as best as I could tell…

Interesting, that’s what I see what I look at your crossmint settings for the claim. I’ll escalate and see if anyone else has ideas, meanwhile can you just try going through those steps in the settings in case something is off.

I’ve just tried on a different computer and the Pay with Card option is there as expected… this is likely a local computer issue

Looks like I see it now as well. Potentially some intermittent issue with Crossmint was happening that is now resolved.

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