Is the smart contract the signature of the artist or of the artwork?

Hey everyone, I’m an artist, and a newbie in regards to creating my own smart contract. I have a doubt, a very simple one. Let’s say that I want to mint a 1/1 piece today, but in the future I’ll need to mint a collection with 10 artworks, and also other 1/1s. Do I use the same contract for all of those? Or I need to create a smart contract for each collection? I guess, what I’m trying to understand is if the smart contract is the sort of signature of the Artist, or the signature of the artwork? Hopefully this makes sense…

Gm! You’re free to mint as many tokens to a contract as you like! Typically artists will use different contracts to sort/manage their work on chain. For example some artists will have contracts for 1/1 pieces, and then another for editions and another for collabs etc

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