Is there a way to airdrop an ERC-1155 to certain addresses and then have that same ERC-1155 being redeemable with a burn by those who are not eligible for the airdrop?

Hello dear Manifold Staff,

I’ve been looking wide and far through the “Burn Redeem” and “Claim Page” apps on Manifold Studio but I couldn’t quite find what I’m looking for.

Here’s my question:

Is it possible to create an ERC-1155 token, airdrop it to a list of addresses (the same way I’d do it via the “Claim Page” app) and then have THAT same artwork being redeemable with the burning (of another ERC-1155 token) by those people who were not eligible for the airdrop?

Thank you so much,


It sounds like you are looking to create an ERC-1155 token that can be burned for AND also airdropped. With our recently upgraded Burn Redeem app you can do this.

  1. Create a Burn Redeem page with for the token you would like to be redeemed for the new ERC-1155 token.
  2. Airdrop tokens to the list of addresses - the new burn redeem app has the ability to airdrop on the contract but we have not yet built out the UI for doing so, so you’ll have to do so manually.
    2.1) Go go the 1155-Burn Redeem App contract (
    2.2) Contract → Write Contract → Airdrop
    3.3) Fill in the following fields
  • creatorContractAddress (address) - The Address of your manifold ERC-1155 contract
  • index (uint256) - Index of your Burn Redeem campaign
  • recipients (address[]) - an array of wallet address in the form [“0x…0001”, “0x…0002”,…,"0x…009]
  • amounts (uint32[]) - an array of how many tokens you want to air drop eg) [1,1,…,1]
    3.4) Write to contract

Deleted my previous message because I succeeded. Thank you so much Richerd! Means the world!

ser how to find “index of your burn redeem campaign”


hello how to find the index please

If you are in the burn redeem page you can get the index by looking at the URL - there should be a URL like apps/12345/drops/{INDEX}/edit/1 that number in index is what you are looking for. Confirm this is the right index by looking at the transaction that you used to create the burn redeem on Etherscan. If you go look at the input data of the transaction it will show you what the index is.

That worked, thanks a lot kind ser