Is there a way to have NFT with consecutive numbers?

Hi, I am creating a ticket system. There will be 1500 NFTs created. I need them to go from #1 up to #1500 so if a do a draw for 5 random tickets it’s easy to find winning tickets.

Is that doable?

They will be sequentially numbered if:

  1. It is on a new contract
  2. You choose a 721 and have a numbered claim page
  3. Those are the only tokens and only claim on the contract.

Thank you for the response, I logged in to manifold to test it out. Realising it was not a drag and drop platform but coding needed, is way out my league (for now)

I just want to have same image NFT with an easy to find ID. After research ERC-1155 is the easiest to create multiple of the same image but ID is long string. ERC-721 sounds like what I need but have no idea on creating it.

More research needed! Appreciate your response :handshake:

What are you using as a reference? ERC1155 IDs start incrementing at 1, it is not a long string.