Is there a workflow to mint a series on testnet then mainnet?


I’ve published/minted a series of four tokens to a new contract on testnet using the new Studio UI. Is there a workflow to mint the contract and corresponding tokens to mainnet?

gm! Right now we don’t have the ability to promote tokens from Testnet → Mainnet, you’ll need to recreate those tokens on your Mainnet workspace.

gm and thanks for confirming, lyndo!

Is the same true for contracts?

For what it’s worth, this feels like a feature that should just be there — way too many errors can be introduced at every step otherwise.

Agree! Why would you remove that? Before we could mint everything to testnet then check it all then mint to main. Now you’ve forced everything onto the website, which STILL doesn’t work. You’ve added an off-chain point of failure and removed a key step of minting - testnet. Is this supposed to be better than testnet? But my drafts don’t save, they just vanish. So what option do I have? None. Am I supposed to just mint straight to main? But I can’t save to the site. I can’t mint the testnet drafts to main. I can’t find where to burn. This all would’ve taken an hour or two, now I’ve wasted hours and still can’t proceed. And why “publish” instead of “mint”? The 1/1 faq gives a 404 error. Why can’t we auto-populate previous used traits? Why can’t I put royalties on the contract instead of each token Everything is ambiguous and weird and sketchy and missing or super-hard to find. Like this “publish” for 1/1s but says you can change it later? Nothing makes sense. -rant over, for now.