Is this concept doable with the burn updates?


I have a concept that requires burning different tokens for a new token.

Here is the description:

  1. Mint your initial NFT: (1155)
  2. Burn your initial NFT for a chance to choose from 5 negatives. So here, I understand I have to set up 5 different pages with the initial to burn for a new 1155.
  3. Wait for a day and then burn the negative to reveal the positive of the photo. Here, I also understand that I need to create 5 new pages, with 1:1 burns.
    4**. Finally, I want people to be able to burn ANY of the 3 previous phases (so, one initial, one negative, one positive, three negatives, three positives, three initials, 2 negatives and 1 positives… you get the idea) against one new 1155. I understand I also have to set up 5 pages for each new AI token.**

Can this work? Here are some posters to illustrate.



I think 4 is where it gets tricky, but the first three steps are possible. We currently don’t support multiburn (i.e. require the burning of different unique 1155s) in the Studio app, so that’s not possible yet (though it is coming soon). You could do 3 of a given token for one new token, but at the moment not e.g. 2 negatives and 1 positive for one new 1155.

The other thing to note is that creating a burn redeem page creates a new token, so you couldn’t do multiple different burn redeems for the same token. This means that any time you configure a burn redeem, you’re create a new 1155 token

Let me know if this is helpful!

Hi! thanks for reply.

How soon is coming soon? :slight_smile:
For your second point, will that ever be possible?

Unfortunately can’t really answer either of those; the latter is not on our immediate roadmap but it could certainly be something we add down the line!

Ok then last question for you:
Let’s say phase 1 2 3 remain the same and for phase 4 I do:
Burn Token phase 1 + one specific phase 3 for an AI (a specific one).
Does that work? I removed all the randomness. Now it’s specific burn tokens.
I assume that concept has to wait for your UI to update right?

It does have to wait for our UI update but otherwise it works at the contract level! Are these going to be ERC-1155s?

yes! Unless you have another suggestion? :stuck_out_tongue:

oh and one more Q actually, for ex, can I do that?
you need to burn n of Token X and n of token Y to get 1 token Z?
For ex, 2 Token X, 1 Token Y and you get 1 token Z

Yes, this will be possible when we release the multi-burn update!

Multi burn is released: