Is this the awful support ever? How many of you are damaged by the platform bugs?

how many of you are experiencing damage to your activities and business?

What are you experiencing?

The platform works as expected for me. Admitedly, any issues I have encountered are due to my own misunderstanding of how things work here.

The only complaint I have is that the team doesn’t reply to every forum post. Which all things considered, is probably too much.

I would imagine that this forum was put here so that we could help eachother as well?

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Yes you right, I was totally unfair actually, due my frustration for a persistent malfunction.
Actually the thing to say is that this is one of the best reality in the space probably.

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EDIT: They came back around and helped me with my issue and I’m pickle enough to admit I was wrong!

Support seems decent when it’s actually given but sometimes I feel like if the issues are too difficult for them to solve, they just skip over your forum post. They don’t help everyone.


Probably. :sweat_smile:

Considering they are not making money from this atm, I’m impressed that they are doing what they are doing!


Very true! And as soon as I posted something someone reached out and helped on my post so I take back what I said haha. I was wrong. They rock.

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We actually do read over every forum post, they get piped into our notifications and then we assess from there.

If something needs to be fixed right away then we do it, otherwise we triage issues into batches so that can work on them and provide a solution. We’re a small team and don’t have a dedicated support staff, so the forum is our way of handling issues and letting the community also help when they can.

Thanks for being supporters!