Issue Batch minting w/ .mp4 video (won’t upload)

Hi everyone, I’m working to mint 10 video nfts and I’m unable to upload my .mp4s. They have previously been minted on polygon and are available on OpenSea with no issue. Any clue as to why I can’t upload them to manifold?

gm! Where are you having issues with the upload? Is this when you’re creating the token or viewing on the platforms afterwards?

For videos we generally recommend H.264 .MP4

Gm! The issue is when going down the batch-mint path, it appears to only support image uploads. I tried again through the “single token” option and had no issues uploading the video files.

Got it, misread earlier. Batch minting supports only image files at this time. Something we’ll definitely look into in the future!

I’d love for this to become a reality for us video makers out here. Thanks so much for your consideration.