Issue With Burn Redeem Page - Contracts Change When Moving to Next TAB of Claim in Burn Redeem

I noticed that I could create a redeem token
Burn from an 1155 contract
Choose a 721 contract to mint to

But when I click back to verify the details

The contract being minted to has changed to 1155
This is why I wonder if the functionality mentioned in this tweet even works?

It appears to me that if I were to do a 721 redeem, it has to be from the same 721 contract? Or a different 721 contract? But it can’t be, redeem a 721 from a 1155 burn?

Right now you can only burn 1155 to 1155 and 721 to 721

We’re working on multi-burns and cross spec burns as we speak, The contract we deployed supports those features but we just haven’t updated our UIs yet.

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Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to the next update.