Issue with contract (Name + splitting tokens)

We are having some issues with a contract we’ve just deployed through Manifold Studio (we have also used claim pages). The name of the contract appears to be “unidentified contract - qoEBdqzywT” on Opensea and marketplaces, and some of the tokens minted on the same contract appears on a second collection called “unidentified contract - qWazQ7LPYE”. Any idea how to fix that?

Wallet address used: 0x952e2d065E60b0fBc9f130917f227621204ed48F

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Thanks! I’ve looked at it, but the issue is that it also splitted some of the tokens (ie created 2 different collections on opensea even though each are minted from the same contract). And so do we have to change the collection name on every marketplace? Because it doesn’t appear on Looksrare correctly neither

Ah I see. In this case you’d want to reach out to OpenSea for them to merge the two collections. Not sure why they did that… weird.

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