Issue with HTML Token Loading

Hi everyone!! Longtime manifold user and artist here :slight_smile: I am aiming to mint my first HTML interactive piece, which is set up to display one image during daytime hours and one at night. I have a fully working HTML webpage which correctly populates the images, and the HTML page works perfectly on Pinata as well. Thus far, I’ve followed the Manifold HTML Documentation to the letter, and have minted it on the testnet.

In spite of this, my token is not displaying correctly on the Goerli versions of OpenSea or LooksRare. After a million trouble shooting errors including changing my code, I realized that the HTML link as specified in my written metadata was not what was there when I inspected the actual metadata of the token. The link in the token’s metadata does not work at all, producing the same lack of image I received when viewing the token across platforms.

I’m not sure whether this is normal and my issues are in my code, but given the lack of issues with the HTML page on my laptop and IPFS, I’m tempted to think the metadata of my NFT is somehow wrong in some way which I cannot fix on my own. I’d love any advice from anyone who’s had similar issues or any knowledgeable developers!!

I am having this exact same issue, code works fine on my end and the piece displays as intended. Have followed the steps in Lyndon’s tutorial with pointing to all the hosted files, and it doesn’t work when minted. A bit embarrassing as I promised the piece would be interactive to my loyal collectors. Can anyone help me get this fixed?