Issue with new serendipity 'draw' page - error when accessing link

Hi team,

Went through the process of setting up new ‘draw’ page via serendipity app, but hearing reports from people trying to access the page that they are getting the attached error. I can access the mint page from firefox on desktop, but interestingly not from a private session window.

Someone who was testing for me said they got this error in firefox, chrome, sarafi on both desktop and mobile.

Seems like might be an error writing to the blockchain during setup? Think this has been happening with some of the other claim pages recently too.

I edited the timing and sent the page live early incase that helped, but still getting the error.

Link The Balance Of Duality | Manifold
Contract (base) 0x315D64096dCC0A21C6c7bF723B87bcc3A0151bb7

Any advice much appreciated.


hello tiffatronn, thank you for bringing this up. we have found the issue and your page should now work. we apologise for the delay.

if you encounter any other beta app (Serendipity/Physicals) -related issues, please bring it up in the forum again! thank you!


Thanks for the correction! My page is displaying fine!

thank you mani! all looks to be fixed now. one more thing though, is the countdown timer meant to show on the serendipity pages? I have the finish time set for a few days from now but the page doesn’t show a finish time. Thanks.

good call – it should show. this is now fixed as well :smile:

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