Issue with USDC purchase on claim page

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Collector went to purchase edition which was being sold for USDC - wouldn’t allow purchase despite him having enough funds.

Can you provide a bit more information? Did the collector run into any errors? What device/browser were they using? What is the claim link? We’ll need a bit more information to understand what’s happening.

He said that when he went to purchase in USDC a messsage came appeared saying that he had insufficient funds. And he assured me he had plenty of funds.

Here is the link to the claim page Rocky Start

What is the collector’s wallet address?

0xcf04c33bfea64cf5dd6ea97e2d5620f825b03b49 This was the wallet that attempted to purchase. My concern is that other s have tried to buy and couldn’t, and just moved on.

Has there been any progress on this? You just disappeared on me.

Thanks for re-pinging on this. Somehow got lost in the fray. Will be taking a look here!

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Should be good to go now! Thanks for your patience!

Sorry, still looking into it, will come back again when it’s complete!

Ok, now should be good!