Issues burning an item?

One of my holders had an issue burning an edition for a redeem earlier. I noticed nobody else had this issue I think, and it seems to always happen to him usually.

Can you guys look into this? I had him reset his browser and disconnect/reconnect his wallet to see if that helped but it didn’t.


Regarding the “Could not estimate gas limit: execution reverted”

He said he had enough ETH in his wallet as well.

Gm! Can you provide the wallet address of the collector having issues?

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Gm Lyndo! No problem, it’s 0xEF8a614852F96B25C8814572A24D54596d6d3647

Hi Slimez!

I saw that this burn ended 14 hour ago, do you know when the collector was trying to burn the edition? Could it possibly be that he was trying to burn it after the campaign has ended?

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Hey dong :pray: So I originally had the burn last for 6 hours (6pm - 12am) and he hit me up around 11:30 or so my time showing me the issues he was having which was before it ended. I believe something similar happened to him previously with pieces where I set custom audiences I think as well.

If the issue is only with him and not to other collectors. Its likely the issue is on his side and not on the campaign itself. It is tough for us to identify root cause without more logs. Could you ask him the next time he is attempting the burn, to open up his console log on his browsers and copy the error here for us? To open browser console log you can follow this guide here
Accessing the Browser Console and Network Logs - HappyFox Support.

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Hey dong, thanks for the reply! So I was messaging him and was able to set the redeem back up so we can test it out. He tried his main wallet and his other wallet, but they both didn’t work. I had him use the link you sent to open his console log to find the error:

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Just following up to see if this could be resolved by chance :pray: