Issues with uploaded wallets not being able to claim

I have a claim page with a list of associated wallet addresses. Several token holders have mentioned not having success claiming the mint they are eligible for. (even though they are part of the audience)

“Sorry, there are no items for you to claim”

I’ve deleted and re-uploaded the CSV file and it still doesn’t seem to work for some.

Any insights?


Same issue here. Would love to know if there’s a problem with the Manifold backend on this - unlimited claims and updating price seems to have no issue.

I seemed to have no issue with it for some time but a few of my holders have reached out and said they had the same issue and they are clearly on the list so it does seem like an issue with Manifold not registering the audience accurately.

Outside of airdropping tokens, I’m not sure what else to do at this stage. (other than open it up to public)

Exact same situation. I’m thinking something in the backend has been disconnected somehow.

I sent an email to… but it got bounced. Yikes

Strange. Is there any active support on the forum, or are we on our own?

We’re looking into this - Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Will keep everyone updated

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Appreciate it! Thanks Lyndo

We’ll be keeping this thread updated - Issues with Claim Pages and allowlists

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Does it work now, can you refresh and try again?

Thanks guys, I’ll ping my community today and have them try again and let you know if we still have any issues with it!

So far so good, seems to be working again. Appreciate the help!