Issues with widget implementation

Hi Community!

We were setting up a new website (, and we have already minted various collections on Manifold, which can already be seen on our website (manually implemented via cms backend). However, as we attempted to implement the marketplace widget, we realized that there is an error, and the widget appears to be empty.
Does anyone have any ideas or know whom we can approach for assistance? We need to go online by this Thursday at the latest.
Additionally, does anyone know if we can enable credit card payments with the marketplace widget? It appears that this functionality is already working with the claim page.
We hope someone can assist us.

Thanks in advance!

Hi again,

someone please help with the issue? Listing ID is 6841, i provided parts of the code and the error message that it creates. Someone has an idea?

Best in advance

Another screenshot:

Please use connect widgets version 3.1.2 and marketplace widgets version 3.5.6.

Additionally, what token are you listing? Could you please send a link to it on opensea?

Hi and thanks!

The opensea link is this one:

Hi, the widget appears to render properly on gallery:

The error you’re encountering seems to be a result of a bad response from an http request. When you look at your requests, do you see a non-200 response somewhere? Perhaps arweave is being blocked for some reason.

Can you look at your request log and see what responses are providing a non-200?

You can also try to use the non-minified js widget to get a better sense of where it’s failing.


Unfortunately it doesn’t seem I can reproduce the issue.