It there a contract for NFT with unlockable file?

I want to mint a collection with landscape format images as NFT in the manifold gallery, and have a portrait version image as unlockable. Is there a ready made contract for this kind of situation?
to make clear, the collectors buys the NFT and then can also download the portrait version.
the idea is to work with 3 editions for each NFT.
Would this work in the gallery? And if so, how do I do this?
thanks in advance!

Gm! Right now we don’t have any tools in Manifold that support unlockable content. This is possible with some marketplaces like Rarible and possibly some apps in the future!

With Darkblock, I can mint high-quality images and have the flexibility to offer both lower resolution previews and high-resolution content as unlockables. Here’s how I do it:

I use the Darkblock app to set up unlockable content for my NFTs. This means that after someone purchases my NFT, they can access the high-resolution image through their platform. The current size limit is 1GB.

Minting Process:
I mint my NFT like normal on Manifold and then visit to upgrade my NFT with their super-easy-to-use web app.

It would be a great idea to incorporating Darkblock into the minting process of Manifold. This could enhance the overall experience for creators like me.

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Yes, I would like to see that functionality incorporated as well. Especially for video this is important because we always have to compress them quite strongly to get them within limits, so it would be nice if we could add a full version with CD quality sound.