Item not displaying on Oncyber. Token was minted direct with an airdrop

I minted a piece on manifold and chose the direct to airdrop feature and this same piece does NOT show up in oncyber. Is this because it was airdropped right out of the gate?

Not sure - You may need to double check what formats/tokens Oncyber displays. If the metadata is showing up correctly, it’s best to check in with the platform.

does it matter that the other pieces from the same contract with the same dimensions are showing up and this one isnt?


OnCyber told me the reason for this is because the token is technically minted by the person it was airdropped to. Apparently when you airdrop upon creating the token its a minted item. Therefore the token does NOT show up in the MINTED section of creating an OnCyber Gallery. You can do a work around by going to OpenSea and copying the URL then add it to the search in your gallery to add the item.

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Ah good to know - Appreciate the followup. This will definitely be helpful for others!

This should also be true with any claim page as well since the other people are minting it. I haven’t tested it but I cant imagine its any different.