Keeps saying "deploy a contract" when I have several already

Can you link to your base contracts here? Is it this one?

Yes that is one, here is the other

Awesome. Just triggered a refresh of your inventory and it looks like the contracts should now show up in the app. Do the tokens show up too?

So both the tokens and the contracts have always appeared in my inventory and home page, the issue is that when I go to create a token listing, it will give me that message (screenshot above) stating that I don’t have any contracts set up, and clicking “new contract” just takes me back to the home page. If I create a new contract it’ll show up in the inventory again but still won’t be recognized.

Do you see the contracts or tokens in your Gallery app now?

Hmm do you mean here? If so yes this was always the case, unless you mean somewhere else?

Yeah do you see this when in the Gallery app? Or which app are you trying to make a listing with?

from studio home page > create new > gallery listing > base > auction> then i get hit with “you haven’t set up contracts” and if I click on new contracts it takes me back home

Are you logged in as 0x2bC0846cDFc4f0Aab336216fE1b6a94a0babFf92 or as 0x5F3a7dc1a6aD03776339517157F31b0fa48E624D ? It should appear when logged in as 0x5F3a7dc1a6aD03776339517157F31b0fa48E624D