Lazy Mint and Properties file for Batch of Tokens?

I have a couple of suggestions.

It would be really cool if you could make a Lazy Mint for manifold contracts. A custom contract for the 721.

I haven’t found anything like that anywhere. It seems to me that this kind of functionality would be very interesting to the creators. It will attract a lot of new people on both the sell side and the buy side.

Creators would be able to make collections as they are made, knowing that their collection is a complete contract for which utilities, services, etc. could be made in the future.

Buyers would be able to find new and interesting NFTs, buy what they like (without reveal) making conclusions about the collection based on appearance, timing, and the amount of work the artist did on it.

Batch of Tokens -->> really, really needs a properties file import. In any format, in any form-just as long as it works. I just can’t imagine how you can manually write 200 tokens without errors… and if it’s 1000…?

Everyone has begun to forget that NFT is about art. They were originally created as a tokenization of art. Liquidity is certainly a good thing, but there is no future in it. The Ponzi scheme is not a sustainable system. But art is. It has been proven for centuries. I’m sure we’ll get back to where it all began. And of course there’s the skipping/membership of the NFT, but that’s not what we’re talking about right now.

What I described above is a tool specifically for artists who can work on their collection for years. And they are not rich people. “Van Gogh often traded work with other artists - in his younger years, often in exchange for some food or drawing and painting supplies.”
IMHO, of course

Gm! I believe what you’re referring to is a collectibles style drop? Ie collectors would mint a reveal token and then it will changed to a piece of art in the collection?

Really appreciate this feedback, it’s definitely on our radar.

As far as an easier way to upload metadata, again this is great feedback.

It’s an interesting option. Will the artist change the token or will it be automatic? What if the buyer doesn’t like it or wants a different art? Or does the artist need to negotiate with the buyer about what kind of art he wants?

maybe it would be better that way:

  1. I create a Manifold contract.

  2. I create tokens using Batch of Tokens (image files + properties file) and then I have a choice:

             a) MINT A TOKENS ON GOERLI
             b) MINT A TOKENS ON MAINNET
             c) Lazy Mint (mint tokens happens with the first sale on your site. something like a personal 
                artist gallery where near each work there is a button "mint" or "buy". Authors would list this 
                page on all their social networks and encourage people to visit and possibly buy 
  3. Then I continue to work on the collection and add new NFTs either manually 2-3 pieces at a time or assemble a batch and use point 2

What do you think about this? I would really like to see this kind of functionality, especially since you pretty much have everything for it already. OS has “Create a Collection” but it’s hopelessly outdated and no longer makes sense for several reasons, they won’t fix it.

You gave ordinary artists the right to have and manage their own contract. That’s awesome, I admire that. Give us the opportunity to start selling without investing money (without minting our own work for eth). Give us the Lazy Mint for Manifold contracts :pray:

I can just highly support the ideas above. Lazy minting function would be a great addition to manifold!
especially if we see higher gas prices again in the future. like they were in 2021 for example. under those circumstances it would be catastrophic for us as creators to have to pre-mint our tokens before putting them for sale on a marketplace.