Lazy Mint OR Update Token Images After Claim Page Mint

I have been looking to create a lazy mint for about 50 NFTs. I’ve seen a few discussions that mention support for this is probably not yet available. It seems I can batch mint OR create a claim-page.
Is it possible to update each token post mint with a unique image and metadata?
Thank you.

Not supported at this time but I’d love to hear a bit more about mechanics you’re considering. Are you looking to do a reveal period? Are you looking to sell or allow collectors to mint these at a cost etc

Yeah, I was thinking to maybe mint 50 single tokens and then airdrop the 1/1 NFTs to the owners. Lazy minting was the ultimate goal but it seems like I could make a batch and then just transfer those NFTs to the 1/50 owners. Are there any options on manifold to take snapshots?

Also taking a look at HeyMint to see how their service compares. I really liked the ease of the Manifold interface and will use it again soon but need something for this set of NFTs.