Ledger not allowing execution of signature when executing claim page

Blind signing is enabled. Not sure what’s going on. I hit publish, go through the steps with Metamask, it allows me to hit execute, but the screen on the ledger still says connected, there is no signature option that becomes available.

So then it’s left with all these initialized claims that are in the metamask browser.

I’ve installed the latest firmware on the ledger. Battery is charged. So strange. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Is there anyway to add a different wallet to the admin of the contract?

gm jwoll,

I’ll try to help you out, but might need some more information. The first thing i noticed in your screenshot is that you have a pending transaction, if you have a transaction that is pending that transaction will block all other transaction in the queue from going though.

As to why the transaction is pending I’m not sure without getting more information (typical reasons are low gas amount or a gas spike, and sometimes even a hardware connection issue)

To clear out pending transactions, in Metmask click the 3 dots in the top right to access the ‘Settings’ menu then select ‘Advanced’ and then select the option that says “Clear activity and nonce data” once thats done it should clear out the pending transactions and then i would ask that you try to submit the transaction again.

let me know if that works.