Limited Edition, buyers mint randomized artwork

I’ve gone through the videos and tried to search in these forums, but haven’t found an answer yet.
This feels like a basic question, that should be answered already, but I’m just not able to find anything!

As a creator, am I able to set up a mint page for buyers to buy a randomized token from my limited edition collection of ERC-721 tokens? (I’m thinking about doing about a 1000 tokens, so obviously don’t want to mint them myself and then allow some sort of claim, or try selling them that way.)

In my readings, I’m assuming there is some way to upload the tokens to Arweave and then set up a limited edition mint page, but honestly haven’t found any detailed instructions on that, and I do feel like I’ve gone through everything.

Is this just not possible at the current time?


It sounds like you’re looking for our customize ERC721 metadata? Link here:

Thanks, I did see that, but it appears that assumes I’ve minted all my tokens to a marketplace (like OpenSea) and now that person is updating the individual metadata to be able to set up a claim page after that. I’m trying to avoid pre-minting to a marketplace. I would like the buyer to mint. (Am I making sense? Really wondering if I’m missing something!)

I guess what happened there was that the creator did an ERC721 mint but everyone got the same image (as a pre-reveal). Then, the metadata was updated so everyone ended up with a unique image.
Is it possible to just do a mint page where the buyer immediately gets a different token (based on what is sitting in Arweave)?

Yep correct - The claim page is where the tokens are first minted. In the case of claim page, the tokens aren’t minted until the collector mints. Unlink our Gallery tool which allows you to create an auction for an existing token.

So, do I have to deploy to mainnet before being able to create a mint (claim) page? Does it matter if I create my tokens before or after this step?

In this case you’ll deploy a contract to mainnet and then deploy a claim instance(create the claim page) to mainnet.

This will not create tokens but allow the tokens to be created when your collectors mint!

Awesome, I think that’s what I was looking for! I’ll try that. (So all the tokens just get uploaded to Arweave prior to mint going live, is that correct?)