Link now not working at all

Hey, I was affected the other day with my video not showing which was fixed, now I’m having another problem with my link not working at all! When I click on it it takes me to your log in page - what is going on?!
My token is called Tunnel vision and my contract is called.face the music. Please help asap. This hasn’t been a good experience

gm! We’re currently experiencing an issue with the claim pages. We’re aware of it and working on a fix. Will keep this thread updated: Manifold Claim pages redirecting to the Manifold Home Page

How long to you expect this to take? You can imagine how detrimental this experience has been when I’ve just dropped my o/e and am heavily promoting it only for things to not work properly. I don’t know how many sales I might’ve lost due to these two experiences.

We’re back up and running!