Listing ERC721 on Zora not working, Minted on Manifold

I thought I’d be able to list this on Zora after putting it back in my wallet, it was previously on Foundations custodial wallet. I kind of remember that was a feature, “mint on Manifold, list on Zora” Has that gone away in the transition?
Thank you in advance.

gm! As far as I understand Zora has removed support for ERC721 tokens a while back, I don’t believe an auction/listing format exists for 721s

Thanks for confirming!! much appreciated!! Hey did we talk on the phone once? Hoping I wasn’t inadvertently talking to anon…btw, regarding the FrameMint, 50 is too many for the free mint for me. Struggle to get rid of them all and then it looks odd. Thanks for considering a smaller amount like 5, 10 or maybe even 1 to make it super fun and fast paced. Thanks again for all your hard work!!