Listing on different platforms

I minted my first token and I can’t seem to find any information on how to put it for sale on the different platforms. Please if anyone can direct me how to do this via text or video. I thought it may be done on the ETH editions app but that is in maintenance mode for weeks! Thank you so much!

gm! Welcome! If you’re preminting tokens typically you’ll then list the tokens for sale on a platform or a tool like Manifold Gallery. Platforms like Opensea will automatically ingest tokens. Some additional info that maybe helpful:

Explanation of token sales:

Video tutorial of the mint flow:

Yes, I read all of that and watched the videos several. I think I made a mistake when minting my first edition. I wanted to do a limited edition but didnt mint it on the claims page because I thought that was for OE. I used the correct 1155 contract but did the single token with 20 editions. It does show up on Opensea but I really didnt want to sell with Opensea and the royalties issue. How do I list it on other platforms? I would like to use Manifold Gallery app but do not see how to do that. It shows up in the gallery but how do I list it for sale? Am I missing something?

At this time Manifold Gallery only supports ERC721 tokens.

To list on platforms that support ERC1155’s you’ll log into those platforms and list the tokens for sale there.