Listing price for Gallery app in Manifold


I would like to list the rest of the tokens of my collection in the Gallery app, but the price is insane.

I have tried with one, because I am not capable to select several ones at the same time, and It seems that it will cost around $40 USD.

I know that gas fees are high, but if I try to list the token in another marketplace, the price is remarkably low. So, I assume that I am missing something or I am doing something wrong.

I would like to know if there is a document that states clearly fees for listing, editing price, cancel o unlist, depending on if it is a normal listing, auction, or private sale.

I really appreciate your assistance. Many thanks.

The cost of listing on the Gallery app in Manifold includes a gas fee to transfer your token to the Manifold marketplace contract(Manifold doesn’t collect a creator fee when using Gallery). The current gas fees can make the listing price higher.

Thank you @lyndo for your answer.

Seems that just viewing the price for the listing, I was dismayed and mistaken, and I didn’t realize what you have just stated, that Manifold doesn’t charge any fee.

Thank you for supporting emerging artists, and thank you always for your prompt reply in this forum.

Oh my, gas is totally out of control. :cry:

Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 15.55.32