Listing to Foundation via Manifold

Hi! I would like to batch mint 200 image NFTs using Manifold app and then list them on Foundation. I already have just a few NFT images on Foundation app; and I like the website and the art on it so far and would like to stay with them. In the guidance notes on the Manifold website it says that to integrate with the Foundation marketplace “Mint tokens to self and then list for sale on Zora”.

I am writing to ask if anyone knows: “is this a mistake on the Manifold website, or if it is the correct information. I also read that Zora is only available to use by people who have been accepted to the Zora marketplace.

The reason that I am confused is that surely if I did list for sale on Zora, then it could not go for sale on Foundation. ….

Hope someone can help.

Hi - Foundation automatically ingests the tokens you mint. Listing tokens for sale on multiple platforms is a little more nuanced as different platforms treat sales differently. Foundation is a custodial marketplace auction and they take ownership of the token while it’s being listed for sale.



I’m not sure if this is related to this position. But I think this is the explanation. When I try to list my NFT on Foundation, I get this alarming message. Should I proceed anyway?