Login with Gnosis on Studio

Why is there no option to login with Gnosis from the start ?
Login is automatically with Metamask ( even other wallets are not possible ?), but for companies it might be a lot more straightforward to login with Gnosis to create a contract ( instead of transferring ownership afterwards … ) …

gm! Would love yo hear more about what you’re thinking. So you’d like multiple wallets and accounts to be active to confirm transactions? Our system at the moment allows for single wallets to be added as administrators to mint/install extensions etc.

Thanks for the reply !

My main request is to be able to initially login with a Gnosis Multisig as the account creator.
For our company we use a Gnosis Wallet with only 1 signature needed, just so different team members can sign in to create contracts with the same wallet that is from the company and not a personal wallet. This is also for legal purposes.

I was just also wondering why you guys didn’t implement Rainbow Wallet for example, so it’s also possible to sign in with other wallets than Metamask.

Thanks so much ! We love Manifold !