Long ENS Breaks UI

I have a very long ENS. When I have it assigned to the wallet that owns the contract, its impossible to view buttons for minting or anything else. They load briefly, until the ENS loads, then they all disappear from the screen, presumably to the right where I can’t see them.

If it matters, wallet is: 0xB3E12A0ac4fb13Fe091B448f45b81b1dA0246994 and my ENS is: 420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420420.eth

gm! Investigating this - Did you switch the ENS? The Claim page seems to load ok for me

Hi Lyndo!

Yes I first tried to change my primary ENS. That did not work and the contract still showed the old and very long ENS.

Second I send my ENS to another wallet and went in to “edit” the contract with no changes made, but still updated the contract to see if that would refresh my ENS.

Interestingly, this time it doesn’t show my new ENS, it only shows my wallet. BUT it works and the claim page is working again.

If you’d like, I can make another one with the long ENS, as long as the gas costs aren’t too bad (I don’t think they are these days).