Longest.png not showing image link to the file

I started an auction for the longest.png. It is the max height for a png file, and it was linking to the file even though it wasn’t visible. Should I reupload since it isn’t linking to the png image or cancel the auction?

Even better would it be possible to display the max height pngs

Thanks for help in this matter
Jay Delay

longest.png - Jay Delay | Manifold

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gm - Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, it looks like there might be a height limit for displaying a file like this on browsers.

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Thank you so much for the quick response.

The gallery page used to show a link to open the original image, which at least allowed viewers to download and inspect the file.

I reuploaded the file to arweave and updated mainnet in hopes this would help.

Any other ideas to display the file without displaying the image?

It seems to at least display the file in the other tokens in the collection.

Thanks again!